caribbean islands     Surinam


The Caribbean region and Latin American countries have one of the fastest growing Hiv-epidemics in the world.

The caribbean islands Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St. Eustasius, Saba and Sint Maarten are part of the Dutch Kingdom. Surinam is a former colony of the Netherlands.

Hiv-treating physicians and infectious-diseases consulents work together here to combat the epidemic and treat their patients according to national and international guidelines.

The Dutch Caribbean Association of Professionals in Hiv-care (DCAPH)  was founded in 2017 to promote knowledge about Hiv, and about the local and the global epidemic.


Mission statement: the Dutch Caribbean Association of Professionals in Hiv-care (DCAPH) aims to contribute to the prevention of Hiv and treatment of Hiv-infected patients in the Caribbean region and Surinam.





  • One conversation partner with governments
  • Collaboration towards pharmaceutical companies (access programs / WHO generics)


  • Collaboration in education of Hiv-nurses
  • Sharing of educational ideas / material


  • Uniform data collection
  • Contact point for research initiatives (government, PAHO/WHO, Netherlands)